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My Colorful Treasures Web Design & Development is a web design, website development, graphic design, SEO, & hosting firm that specializes in colorful affordable professional custom one of a kind web & graphic designs and so more! We offer it all!

little title flower Custom Selling Website Package...
This product selling e-commerce website package is perfect for someone who wants to sell their products and start their very own business online! It's ok if you are just starting out and you only need a few pages now. We do not have page limits of any kind! You are free to add more pages later at anytime! Please read what this package comes with and what page options are available below!

This Product Selling E-commerce Website Package includes:

✓ Your Choice Of The Following Website Product Options -
Option #1 - Up to 50 Products - $325
Option #2 - Up to 100 Products - $440
Option #3 - Up to 150 Products - $550
Option #4 - Up to 200 Products - $650

Every package listed above includes up to 3 informational pages.

PLUS, you also get the creation of the home, contact us, links, link to us, about us, & happy customer pages (you may swap the about us & happy customer pages for a product selling page if you like.)

(*Special Note - All products must be submitted before your site goes "live" in order to count towards the above
mentioned totals. Any products added to your website after going "live" will be charged for separately.)

✓ Custom Designed Website Template -
You will receive a custom completely one-of-a-kind design template created especially for you! Your design will be based on our combined ideas, vision, and creativity to ensure that you love your design!

✓ Your design template will include -
Custom designed header/logo
Custom designed advertising 450x100 banner (static)
Custom designed advertising 125x125 square button (static)
Custom designed favicon (used for website url address branding)
Creation of any other graphics needed to complete the design template

✓ Custom Category Menu Style Choice & Navigational Links -
We offer 6 different custom created menu style choices for you to pick from. Every website comes with 3 navigational link systems (top, category, & bottom) so that your customers and the search engine "spiders" have the ease of moving gracefully through all of your website pages without getting lost.

✓ FREE Hosting Until January

✓ Product Page Creation & PayPal Shopping Cart Set-up -
We will hand code all of your product pages placing a product photo, description, options your product is offered in, price, shipping cost, etc. Each product will have a PayPal shopping cart buy now button under the product information so that the customer can purchase your product.

✓ Email Set-up (up to 4 email addresses) -
Every website client has the option to have up to 4 email addresses. Let me know if 4 is not enough.

✓ One-time ORGANIC SEO (search engine optimization) Completed -
SEO (search engine optimization) plays a crucial role in getting your website indexed by the search engines. Most designers charge extra or don't perform SEO! One-time organic SEO is included in this package. SEO includes: meta title, meta keywords, meta description installation, also some web page keyword tweaking, where applicable. *Please Note: Yearly SEO tweaking is recommended & required = $75 a year, which will be billed every September whether your site is new or not.)

✓ Fast Turnaround Time -
Most websites are completed in 2-4 weeks, sometimes even less. Your website is just as much a priority to us as it is to you. Sending the content for your website and being available to answer questions will go a long way in getting your website completed in the most timely manner possible.

✓ No Confusing Geeky Web Jargon -
We will communicate with you in plain English instead of the confusing geeky web jargon most designers use. If there is something you do not understand... please feel free to ask questions.

✓ Google Site Map Creation -
The creation of a Google site map allows the search engine "spiders" to crawl your website with ease and speed which then allows your website to be ranked better in the search engines.

✓ Search Engine Submission -
We'll submit your site to all 3 major search engines so they will crawl & rank your website accordingly.

✓ Lifetime Website Maintenance, Service, & Support -
Having regular maintainence done on your website is VERY important. It indicates to the search engines that your website is active rather than abandoned. Search engines can tell if your content has changed and your site can drop in rankings if it goes too long without any changes being made. Many web design companies will charge extra if you have questions, charging either an hourly or monthly rate, whether it's by phone or email. We believe in open communication and understand that you are going to have questions! It is our job to help you through the entire creation process and to answer your many expected questions. If you have a question or even 50... ASK! We are ALWAYS here for you!

✓ Freedom To Add A Page Or Custom Automated Form Anytime -
You are free to add a page or form anytime you like to your website. As a matter of fact, it's encouraged as it's favorable in the eyes of the search engines. The worst thing you can do is make your website look abandoned to the search engines by not making changes (like editing text) on a page for a long period of time. An automated form is a form that a customer will fill out and the form information goes directly to you. Examples: contact, link exchange, newsletter sign-up, contest, information request, etc.

✓ Freedom To Add Unlimited Consultant Or Rep Sites To Your Business Website -
You are free to add unlimited consultant websites to your website so they can have an online presence of their own. The consultant's website will be exactly like your corporate website except with your consultant's name & info on it instead. Your consultants will have their own sub-domains/email address!
(Click Here to see our consultant website package that we offer our clients.)

Every website is created with your specific wants and needs in mind. Customize this site
with any background, font, color scheme, etc. Our website creation time is usually
2 - 4 weeks depending on how quickly information is provided to us!

{ ** Please Note: ** } We offer payment plans to those who can not afford the entire
cost of a website package upfront! Please contact us for details!

After you purchase a website from us... your next steps are:

✓ Please purchase your domain name at
(In most cases, you may also use a domain that you already own
that's not from the above suggested domain company to use.)

✓ Please take a moment to read our most important articles listed below...
Why SEO Is Crucial, Why Link Exchanges Are Important, Top 20 Ways To Promote

✓ (Know The Facts! Please CLICK HERE to also read our very important faqs.)

This package base price allows for 15 hours of work on the website design & creation.
*Please note that the time allotted is an "actual real time" estimate.

We are Mod Mama Approved! Read Our Business Code of Ethics Pledge We are Posh Mom Approved!

Pay conveniently by credit card, debit card or echeck through PayPal... no PayPal
account required. Your satisfaction is so very important to us, so if you have any
specific requests, concerns, or questions, please feel free to contact us!

We Accept These Forms Of Payment! Shop With Confidence! PayPal is safe, secure, private and the most used online payment resource!

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