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My Colorful Treasures Web Design & Development is a web design, website development, graphic design, SEO, & hosting firm that specializes in colorful affordable professional custom one of a kind web & graphic designs and so more! We offer it all!

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What is SEO (search engine optimization) and why is it so important that it should be performed on your websites at least once a year? SEO is a natural specialized process or technique that involves analyzing your website's underlying code, structure, link popularity, keyword enriched content (text), & making enhancements so that the site is returned more prominently or favorably in the search results of relevancy-based, search engines (such as Google, Yahoo, & Bing (MSN). SEO is crucial for getting your website successfully ranked in the search engines and is the first step to a successful online business.

We will automatically send you a PayPal invoice (bill) every September for your yearly SEO!

Getting To Know The Details About SEO...
Organic SEO (a natural form of search engine optimization that is free from buying keywords in the search engines) is the natural series of techniques or practices of manually placing keywords strategically in the meta tags and web pages of a website which are used to improve the ranking of your website listing in search engines. Each search engine has "spiders" and their sole purpose is to crawl over your website pages! They look for website pages that are filled with enriched keyword content (text), proper coding, SEO (search engine optimization), and link popularity (link exchanges, one-way links, and power links)! As a search engine spider prowls your website, it gathers information and it compares the words within each of these sections and "ranks" the site dependent upon how well all of the information matches.

SEO requires commitment! SEO is an ongoing, ALWAYS changing, lengthy process! The search engines are always changing and learning from themselves. Search engines are constantly growing and evolving! The SEO (search engine optimization) that worked a year ago is now obsolete and no longer works. Having SEO performed on your website at least once a year is a requirement of being our client because search engines can actually drop your website in rank, sand box or even ban your website if you do not comply with the coding and SEO regulations and criteria they require all websites to meet! It is very important that SEO be performed at the first creation of a website and then again at the VERY LEAST once a year! SEO is absolutely necessary... crucial... to ensure your business' success.

The organic search engine optimization process is by no means easy... it's quite difficult actually. Getting listed (also known as ranked) on the first page of a search engine's results page for your specific keyword search terms requires a great deal of work and understanding of the intricacies of organic search engine optimization (SEO). It takes someone very experienced in the SEO field to accomplish such a feat!

Our "success" speaks for itself! Many of our clients are ranked on page 1 of Google for their specific keyword search terms! It is our job to stay on top of the technology and those who pay to rank for certain keywords and those who do unethical SEO practices (aka black hat SEO); however, please understand there are NO guarantees where SEO is concerned. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online business websites out there that you are competing with!. Without SEO you won't effectively rank high in the search engines and your business will suffer the loss of defeat at the hands of your competitors. I am ready to put my experience to work for you and together we can make your business flourish online!

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